Type Date Description Remarks
Ordinary Meeting 15/11/2010 Final confirmation of the Executive Committee, discussion on programs and events etc
Executive and Junior Alumni Committees
Ordinary Meeting 03/09/2010 Confirmation of the Executive Committee, proposed programmes, events and funding etc
Executive and Junior Alumni Committees
AGM 2010 05/06/2010 Confirmation of last AGM, Accounts and election of new executive comittee.
Executive and Junior Alumni Committees
Ordinary Meeting 12/03/2010 Dunearn Secondary School Alumni 4th Ordinary Meeting 2010  
AGM 22/08/2009 Confirmation of last EGM, Progress, Accounts Summary etc.

Executive and Junior Alumni Committees
Ordinary Meeting 12/05/2009 Finalise the two school camp and funfair proposal by Junior Alumni Committee.

Junior Alumni Committee
Ordinary Meeting 09/03/2009 Update Exco, Ordinary Member & Website. Propose monthly Walk & Taji Exercise (canceled). School Event Calendar Year 2009.

Ordinary Meeting 10/10/2008 Registration of Societies on 17 Jul 2008. Event of Amigo basketball club sponsorship. Invitation to existing student for Artwork Exhibition on 13 Dec 2008. Participation in School Camp and family activities.

Junior Alumni Committee
Ordinary Meeting 07/03/2008

Confirmation of Constitution. Event planned for Calendar 2008. Participation of Dunearnite, Speech Day, propose members get together for monthly walk and jog, taji exercise at Macritchie Reservoir.

School Programme
EGM 17/11/2007 Introduction to existing Executive Committee Members and Committee In Transition. Propose change of committee. Voting members.

Ordinary Meeting 31/10/2007 Discussion of nominations for the EGM, update and sorting of member name list. Discussion of EGM voting procedures, nomination form. Annual Graduation Dinner invitation, participation of external Validation 2008.

School Programme
Ordinary Meeting 11/09/2007 Introduction to members, discussion of constitution amendment, preparation of EGM.

Ordinary Meeting 28/ 07/2007

Committee in Transition, Alumni will function as a platform to foster friendships, build contact and expand members and networking opportunities. Discussion handing over from old and new committee, documents etc.

Ordinary Meeting 29/06/2007 Background of Alumni and purpose of meeting. Development of current school improvement, discuss new Alumni Committee. Introduction of Junior Alumni Structure.

Ordinary Meeting 19/06/2007 Committee in Transition, meeting with old committee, process of handing over documents, update old members.


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