Dunearn Secondary School Alumni serves as a network among alumni of Dunearn Secondary School (DSS) and the link between alumni with their alma mater.

The Dunearn Secondary School Alumni was established in 1993 with registration number S93SS078E by a group of enthusiastic DSS alumni.

In late 2007, with the strong support of the DSS principal, Mr. Wong Lok Oon, the idea of revival of Alumni was mooted and as a result of the school's diligence, an interim alumni committee/Committee in Transition (CIT) was formed to help look into the Alumni's smooth transition into the next executive committee. Constitution of the Alumni has since been revised.

In 2008, with the secondary school providing administrative support, together with a new group of alumni, the new executive committee formed.

Executive Committee 2014-15  
Junior Alumni Committee 2011  
Constitution of Dunearn Secondary School Alumni (Revised 2008)  
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